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The Offseason

Summer’s over, it’s cold, the leaves are falling, it’s dark at 5PM, it’s the offseason for DJs and other wedding professionals.

Just like Pete Carroll, we’re inclined to say “there is no offseason” but there is. From Halloween through Thanksgiving there is nothing. Maybe a phone call or email here and there but honestly it is sloooooowwww. So what do I do?

For the business I break out all the equipment, conduct inventory, clean and organize every speaker, cable, light, stand and linens. Believe me, when it hits 12:01 AM on that last wedding reception I want to get out of there ASAP so all the cables go in the bag with no organization. My feet hurt, my back aches and my ears are ringing. Get. Me. Home.

Not my screenshot, I don't use emojis

I load up Serato (my DJ software of choice this year) and clear out all my crates. Those are lists of songs I’ve compiled over the past 5 months that seemed to work well, but this season is over, next year will be completely different. What songs worked this season may not work in 8 months. Like a comedian who has to throw out all their material once their special goes up on Netflix or HBO, I have to dump all my ideas and start fresh. It also doesn’t help that Drake will put out 90 new songs between now and then either.

I also get to spend more time with my Wife, just married in August, and friends. The weekends are now for Husky and Seahawks football. We’re UW alumni, season ticket holders and tailgating is my Fall thing. DJs are always into tech so of course I’m the guy with the generator, TV, speakers and the music at the tailgate parties, but you won’t see me DJing at these things, I’m there to socialize, eat way too much food and enjoy a few adult beverages before the game.

One of my hobbies is making and editing videos of the stupid adventures we go on. I’ve posted a couple on this blog, so I’ll take advantage of this slow period to edit together a few more. While they aren’t related to my DJ business I feel that my potential clients should know who they’re hiring. At your wedding or event chances are I’ll be the one interacting with your guests the most. My wife, a photographer says she interacts more, but that’s just telling them when to smile, haha. Check her out, she’s awesome

Now with all that said, I do have a Formal to DJ in the middle of November for a sorority I’ve been working with for 18 years! That’s going to be a blast and a welcome change from the wedding events.

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