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5 Tips For Hiring A Wedding DJ

It's March 1st and you haven't hired a DJ for your wedding yet! No need to worry, you can usually throw a rock in a crowd and hit 3 or 4 guys who call themselves DJs; and a quick google search for Seattle Wedding DJ comes up with 1.2 million results! How can you pick out the one for you from the crowd of knuckleheads? Here are some tips -

1. Ask Around

That wedding you were at last Summer, the one at mid-century, modern, rustic Alpaca farm? Did you dance your ass off? If so, the DJ probably had a lot to do with that. Ask the bride and groom for their info and get dialing. Look through your friends Facebook pages at their wedding party photos, does it look like they're having fun? Send them a message. Referrals are my number one source of business. Chances are if your friends liked their wedding DJ, you'll like them too.

2. #Hashtag Search

Get on Instagram, look at puppies for 20 minutes, then search for posts at your venue, or your city and DJ (Seattle DJ). A wedding DJ with experience at a venue can be valuable when planning your own wedding. It's also a great way to get decor and lighting ideas for your own wedding.

3. Wedding Planning Sites

TheKnot, WeddingWire, etc... While these can be a great resource it's important to remember that the listings are sorted with those paying for a higher ranking first. Don't be discouraged if you find a wedding DJ you're interested lower in the search results. They may just not need to pay for the listing because they are busy enough with referrals.

4. Get A Discount For Someone With Less Experience

No. Don't do this. A wedding is the biggest day of your life so far, you're inviting 150 of your closest friends (and Tom from accounting). Do you really want to put the majority of your entertainment in the hands of someone learning on the job? Get a pro with the experience to manage the day and make sure things go smoothly. Many times the DJ is called upon to keep things moving and manage mini crisis' behind the scenes. Get a pro with the experience to manage the day and make sure things go smoothly.

5. Have fun!

You're picking out the entertainer for your wedding day. Chances are that day will be a blur to you, but your guests will be thanking you for years to come for the excellent time they had celebrating your new life together.

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